Year 4 Projects

School Improvement

Primary School Improvement –

Continuing School Improvement support at primary: Phonics, Reading and Writing (KS2), and Maths (KS2) in order to maximise impact, build on the success already seen since 2017 and embed learning.

KS4 English and Maths –

Taking forward key successful elements of three current programmes in order to maximise impact and build on success since 2017, as well as providing targeted catch-up support for those most in need. Year 4 activity will focus on peer review in all secondary schools and Post 16 settings, alongside targeted support for Year 11 students (the current Year 10) and Post 16 resits, supporting catch-up for those who need it most to ensure that these cohorts are not disadvantaged as a result of missing school due to COVID-19.

Leadership and Implementation Support –

Tailored Research School programmes for Derby Senior Leaders; supplemented by intensive support for schools in the city that are facing the most significant challenges and serving the most disadvantaged pupils in the city:

  • Derby’s Research School will continue to deliver leadership programmes, which aim to support leaders in developing an evidence-informed, strategic whole school approach, tailored to the needs of Derby’s schools.
  • Schools with significant and long-standing issues that require a more bespoke/targeted approach will be invited to develop a costed action plan to drive and enhance their existing school improvement plans, with a focus on COVID-19 recovery, school culture and leadership, behaviour and safeguarding.


Streamlining a number of previous OA funded programmes (SEND; Emotionally Healthy Schools; Targeted Student Support; Family Engagement; and Exclusions), taking forward key successful elements in order to build on the successes so far and support the post-COVID recovery for schools, especially for the most vulnerable. Through a single Inclusion strand, we will increase the capacity and capability of mainstream schools to provide effective inclusion interventions and support vulnerable students. This will include:

  • Supporting a city-wide approach to post-COVID 19 recovery for schools.
  • Raising awareness of the issues and early, effective intervention, providing clear guidance and resources to help schools navigate the system and improve referrals.
  • Providing opportunities for their leaders to disseminate what works well and provide school-to-school support.
  • Continued support for the Emotionally Healthy Schools website and
  • Targeted outreach activity and support in the most disadvantaged wards.
  • Direct support and resources for schools to facilitate re-engagement and inclusion, encourage “resocialisation”, remove barriers and create the conditions for learning.
  • Targeted support for at-risk pupils including mentoring.


Our Future Derby

A continuation of Our Future Derby; supporting primary students to see the links between the subjects they study and the world of work, and break down career stereotypes. The programme provides primary schools access to expert support in embedding career related learning into the curriculum and to connect with local employers

Students in participating schools will have the opportunity to access up to three employer encounters throughout the year.

Read more about the project here.

Read the Interim Report here.

Careers and Skills

A project to support the development of a START in D2N2 online platform. The platform acts as a one stop shop for careers advice, resources for teachers, pupils and parents, as well as access to live opportunities across the region. Within this, we have developed resources for both primary and secondary teachers to embed within the curriculum. The platform hosts a range of other resources, including Labour Market Information (LMI) guides, curriculum mapping, open door videos with Derby employers and a virtual careers fair, showcasing a number of employers across Derby and South Derbyshire.

The project has also supported the delivery of a number of student facing events in such as a Virtual Work Experience programme in the construction sector, Virtual Masterclasses, Mock Assessment Centres and Speed networking sessions.