School Improvement

Primary School Improvement

  • Oracy – Lead by Hardwick Primary, the programme supports the development of children’s capacity to use speech to express their thoughts and communicate with others, in education and in life. 
  • English as an Additional Language – Led by the Harmony Trust, the programme includes a blend of CPD through training sessions, group mentor meetings, professional learning community sessions, audits and action planning.
  • Reading and Writing – Led by Transform Trust, the programme provided training for classroom teachers and teaching assistants led by a team of English specialists and focused English leader sessions to develop a whole school strategy for reading and writing. Derby OA continue to fund support in KS2 Reading and Writing in academic year 2021/22, delivered by Derby Research School.

Secondary English and maths consolidation

A programme at KS4 to strengthen the leadership, and improve the quality of provision in English and Maths. The programme followed on from, and learnt lessons from, the School Secondary School Strategic Improvement Strategy (SSIF) programme which ran in academic year 18/19, and had two main strands:

  • To strengthen the strategic leadership in English and maths through peer challenge, for each school to review its strategic approach to English and maths.
  • To improve the quality of provision through training for teachers in English and maths departments, learning from individuals who have led recent improvement work in similar contexts and providing schools with the experience of visiting highly successful schools working in a similar context.


A programme which aimed to raise the achievement and educational outcomes for post-16 students in maths and English through city-wide protocols and agreements, engaging parents, guardians and carers with the importance of maths and English, and developing partnerships with local businesses to raise students’ understanding and aspirations of local employment opportunities.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Programme

The SEND Peer Challenge aimed to ensure all SEND children achieve their best, including the skills they need for successful transition, further education and employment. The programme developed strong leadership culture in mainstream schools to promote SEND achievement and inclusion and improve SEND outcomes. The programme did this through:

  • Training whole school SEND challengers to conduct SEND Peer Challenges in all secondary and 50 primary schools.
  • Developing a Derby SENCo Net
  • Developing a SENCo Development Forum

Supplementary SEND project

The Partnership Board committed additional funding to respond to issues emerging from the main SEND programme. The funding provided leadership training, support for schools that had significant difficulties introducing SEND improvements and training for front-line classroom teachers, teaching assistants and practitioners on priority SEND topics.

Derby Research School

Through 2018/19 the Research School offered national programmes; Leading Learning – Developing an Evidence-Informed CPD Approach and Effective Use and Evaluation of Pupil Premium.

In 2019/20 the Research School offered programmes; Teaching for Memory: Developing an In-School Lead, Metacognition: Developing an In-School Lead, and Evidence Champions: Growing Research Engagement from Within.

In 2020/21 the Research School offered programmes; Recovery Curriculum, Secondary Leadership Implementation Training and Bespoke Summer Training Programmes.

New to English/Gypsy Roma Students.

Aimed to improve outcomes for New to English (NtE) Learners and Gypsy Roma (GR) students through developing understanding and skills in schools and working with parents and the community.

The programme included a NtE Champions Programme and NtE Teaching Assistants Programme and provided transition support for NtE Year 6 students through targeted secondary school and home visits, a community and professional’s network, and a mentoring programme.

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