Priority 3: broadening horizons

Our aim: to ensure all our children benefit from a broad range of experiences throughout their school lives.

Why this is a priority?

Discussions with local partners have highlighted that many children and young people in Derby have limited access to opportunities that could help them grow in confidence, expand their understanding of the wider world, and develop both their career aspirations and ability to realise them.

This lack of social and cultural capital can have a number of consequences, including disengagement from education, low confidence and social alienation, and may be reflected in the higher than average unauthorised absence rate among Derby’s children. It could also link to Derby’s poor employment rates.

Schools and Derby College are already providing diverse and engaging extra-curricular activities, but have told us young people sometimes find it hard to navigate the opportunities that are available, particularly around engaging with employers. Schools believe these activities would have more impact if an integrated, coordinated and collaborative framework was developed, involving schools, the college and a broad range of stakeholders and providers.

We want to support schools to access and better target appropriate extra-curricular opportunities. Large, medium and small businesses in Derby are keen to support children and young people, by working with schools and the college, and the partnership board will help them to collaborate and target their support to achieve greatest impact.  Both schools and employers agree that they would like engagement to start early, in primary school, so that children build their understanding and ambition.

In addition to a focus on improving employer links, the partnership board will also ensure Derby’s children and young people have better access to sports, culture and the arts.

What will we do?

Working with a range of employers and other partners in the arts and cultural sectors, we will broaden the experience of all Derby’s children. This will include:


  • work by the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC), in partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), to build connections between business, schools and colleges. Through CEC we will ensure that every secondary school child in Derby will benefit from 4 good quality encounters with an employer, to raise aspiration, provide opportunities for careers experience and raise life chances for students. CEC activity will generate over 89,000 encounters for pupils over 3 years
  • working with Derby’s culture and leisure board to broaden young people’s horizons by improving access to culture, leisure and sport
  • drawing on additional Essential Life Skills funding of over £2m for the Derby opportunity area over the next 2 years to enable children and young people to participate in extra-curricular activities that promote life skills such as resilience, teamwork and leadership

Our targets

  • young people in Derby are more knowledgeable about opportunities for personal development and more confident about accessing them locally.
  • higher numbers of young people aiming for careers in key skills areas for Derby (as identified by the Local Enterprise Partnership)
  • increased opportunities for children and young people to participate in culture, leisure and sport