Additional Themes

Emotionally Healthy Schools

Training for a senior Designated Lead for Mental Health in every school in Derby that will lead to strategic planning for mental health and emotional well-being.

The programme will also create a Mental Health Local Offer that brings into one place all sources of support and information for schools and families. This can be found:

Targeted Student Support

A two year project which focusses on reducing preventable school moves for year 10 and 11 students. For school moves that still go ahead, the programme aims to provide students with the necessary support to aid successful transition into their new setting.

To achieve this the programme provides:

  • support of mentors, tutors and counsellors
  • the production of literature and a media campaign to make students and their families aware of the negative impact in year moves can have on academic and social achievement, and;
  • the development of city-wide protocols

Primary and Secondary Family Engagement programmes

The primary and secondary family engagement projects aim to strengthen the working partnership between home, school and the student to support a common understanding and approach to education. The project will do this by designing school-led activities that make all aspects of a child’s schooling more accessible, such as taking parents evening events out into the community.


The main focus of this work is to strengthen the transition between primary and secondary schools. In particular to maintain and increase progression in learning and reduce dips or delays in progress.

The project includes city-wide transition arrangements – including common transfer days, improved data/information sharing between primary and secondary schools, support for vulnerable students, the development of a transition network and identification and promotion of best practice.

Teach Derby

Teach Derby is a collaborative partnership of ITE providers who aim to provide a strategic approach to Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Early Career Workforce Development across Derby, promoting Derby as a great place to live, work and teach.


Increasing the capacity and capability of secondary schools by reducing the overall number of exclusions through effective staff training, student support and pre-exclusion interventions such as sports training, work experience and counselling.

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