Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths (STEAM) Innovation Fund

In the delivery plan for Derby Opportunity Area, our Chair, Kath Mitchell, set out her vision for Derby as a centre of excellence for education and employment in Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) subjects. As part of that the Board has approved a fund offering grants up to a maximum of £25k for a range of activities that help schools and learning providers to improve outcomes for STEAM including:

  • Providing a positive image for children and young people in STEAM subjects.
  • Improving academic outcomes in STEAM subjects and especially improving outcomes for disadvantaged young people in STEAM.
  • Striving for a better gender balance in children and young people following STEAM subjects.
  • Engagement in additional curricular experiences in STEAM.
  • Improving school and college based teaching and learning in STEAM via CPD and links with industry.
  • Creating positive pathways in STEAM, for example, through STEAM information, advice and guidance for young people.

Further information about the grant fund can be found at

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